Getting Started

The History Engine project is first and foremost an undergraduate teaching resource that gives students the opportunity to engage in the process of academic research and share their completed work with their fellow students and researchers from around the country. In this section of the History Engine, instructors will find all tools necessary to register to use the site, plan a syllabus, and guide students through the project.

Begin with the Teacher’s Guide to learn about the long-term planning necessary for a successful student experience. The guide outlines the basic strategies for using the History Engine in the classroom and integrating the project into an undergraduate syllabus. Inside the guide educators will find basic information about the History Engine, step-by-step directions for how to maximize time and resources, and suggested homework assignments. For more sample assignments, including some created by former History Engine users, check out the resource links located in the right sidebar.

Professors from around the country have gotten their schools involved with the History Engine. To see a list of participating schools and learn about their classes, look through the Schools Using the History Engine.

Teacher Resources

The resource links in the sidebar can help educators organize their syllabi, create new assignments, and prepare students for the work ahead.

The Style Guide and Citation Guide help to ensure that episodes in the cumulative database are formatted in a uniform way. Students should consult these guides while they write and edit their own episodes and peer review the work of their fellow classmates. Students can also find online editions of these guides under Writing.

Librarians and archivists are essential to the History Engine project. They help to maintain rigorous academic standards for the episodes and can lead students toward previously untapped resources. To give librarians and archivists a sense of the mission of the History Engine and outline their important role in the project, consider giving them the Librarian Guide in the sidebar or crafting your own version of this handout.

Check out the ‘Sample Assignments and Worksheets’ in the sidebar to view real road-tested assignments created by former and current History Engine users.