For Students

This section of the History Engine will give you the basics, the ins and outs of the miniature research projects you will tackle over the course of the term. The various parts of "For Students" will help guide you through understanding the goal of your project, conducting primary and secondary source research, and writing miniature research "episodes." Once your instructor provides you with a unique class code, you can also Register. Registering allows you to enter your episodes into the History Engine.

To get started, check out the Your Goal page. There you can familiarize yourself with what an "episode" is and how the History Engine project is different from your average term paper. You might also Search The Engine to get a sense of what a completed episode looks like.

Once you're ready to start the project, Research and Writing will help you to produce well-constructed episodes. Don't forget to look through the Citation Guide and Style Guide to properly format your episodes.